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Stable & innovative data processing from Kurre

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Kurre Spezialmaschinenbau

Special machine manufacturing from design to production, commissioning, and service on site—from a single source. Our core business is cable machinery and our production lines are used worldwide. 


Kutec - Kurre Technologies

Kutec, Kurre Technologies, has been designing and manufacturing components using lasers and water jets for the automotive, food and beverage, aerospace, and shipping industries for more than 20 years.



Meeting all your cable needs: Kurre-Kabelfertigungsmaschinen GmbH continues to manufacture a large number of products originally made by Kabelmaschinenfabrik Müller GmbH, from length measuring machines to palletizing systems.


Kurre Net & Web

Stable & innovative data processing from Kurre: providing information technology services for system administrators in administration departments, municipal enterprises, design and planning offices, or doctors’ surgeries.


Welcome to Kurre!

We are your contact for special machines, and we are familiar with a variety of sectors. As a group, with skilled employees and a wealth of experience, we use our versatility and flexibility to ensure your success.

Kurre Spezialmaschinen, Kutec, and Kurre KFM—we are all there for you, providing design, contract manufacturing, electrical engineering, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, or mechanical production. Kurre Net & Web is your service provider for system administration in medium-sized enterprises.

What can we do for you?

New company structure

Please note that the company structure within the Kurre Group has changed effective January 1, 2016. To better address our customers’ wishes and industry requirements, the company is now split into the following branches:

Learn more about the function and the priorities of the single branches here.


Unternehmen des Monats


Die Firmengruppe Kurre ist von unserem Partner der Firma Zweirad Experte Frerichs zum Unternehmen des Monats im Bereich Dienstradleasing gewählt...

Spenden für Kinderhospizarbeit


Die Firma Kurre Net & Web unterstützt durch eine Spende die Malteser Hospizarbeit in Friesoythe und Saterland. Die Spenden sollten der...